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1. How does the UV Sanitization Work?

Our custom UV sanitizers use UV-C LED light to kill up to 99.9% bacteria. Wavelength lights are proven to kill germs by disrupting their DNA and preventing bacterial reproduction. Within 8 minutes your products should be effectively sanitized! 

*The EmRi Luxe Box should be used as an extra step in the sanitization process of accessories and tools*


2. Do I have to let it run for the full 8 minutes?

In order to ensure the germs are killed, we recommend allowing it to run for the full 8 minutes! 


3. What can I put inside? 

The EmRi Luxe Box is made to clean a wide range of products due to its spacious compartment. We recommend putting dry products inside in order to avoid damage to your products. 

We want you to use your EmRi Luxe Box for... 

- Make Up Brushes/Tools/Sponges

- Hair Tools/Accessories (combs, brushes, scissors, blades) 

- Lash Tools/Accessories (tweezers, brushes)

- Phones, Masks, Keys, Credit Cards, Receipts

- Anything else you can fit inside that may require that extra step of sanitization!!!  


4. How do i clean the inside? 

Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth will help clean the inside.  


***Keep product away from humidity and do not expose to water. Damp or wet accessories should NOT be used inside the electronic components of the product. It is recommended to unplug device when not in use.*** 

**Please be aware that this product is not yet proven to kill coronavirus. The EmRi Luxe box disinfects germs and bacteria but currently has not been tested in its effectiveness against COVID-19**


Product Dimensions: 26x15x100 cm